Stagiu de voluntariat in SUEDIA

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Period: September 2013 – July 2014
Duration: 10,5 months
Living arrangements: Most probably the accommodation will be shared in Grevedämmet youth centre, which is a 2-room apartment with a kitchen, toilet downstairs, shower in a separate building. Otherwise in a rented house, apartment.
Financials: Volunteers get a monthly payment around 300€ per month (including pocket money) that should cover food and leisure activities. Accomodation, local transport, international travel, visa is covered by the programme. The volunteer do not have to pay anything for EVS.
Info for Sending organizations: 5 % of the international travel is to be paid by the SO (remaining 5% payed by the HO).
Tasks of the volunteers:
To work in the Eurodesk office/Youth centre and to implement information ventures as well as other activities in relation to international youth work. To help get the newly opened Eurodesk office/Youth centre get more visitors and to introduce an interesting programme of activities and to support youngsters with information about the Youth in Action programs projects especially EVS or ongoing youth exchange projects. The volunteers will also support the KEKS network with information sessions and workshops about international youth work. The volunteers will help with international projects: help in the process of the application, report writing of finished projects and ongoing administration and with economy. Keep contact with partner organizations. To be able to help organizing special events and workshops for unemployed young people about the possibilities and advantages of EVS. A large possibility for the volunteers to take own responsibility and to run own projects. To be able to work in the Eurodesk office/Youth centre both daytime and some evenings a week.
In case you are interest send yourCV and motivation letter to the email address:

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